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404 Pads 4x4
704 Thermo-Pad 7x4
Thermo -Pad Model 610 - 6x10
Thermo-Pad Model 808 8x8
Thermo-Pad 818 8x18

          Thermo-Pad 404 Pad - Forty Pads

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Thermo-Pad 404 Pad - Forty Pads
CODE: 404-B2

Price: $460.00


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Thermo-Pad is a safe source of instant heat that can be used anywhere heat is required. There are a variety of sizes for different uses. Listed below are some of the applications where Thermo-Pads have been used effectively.

Arthritic Pain – Thermo-Pad is the heating pad that you can take with you for instant heat anytime – anywhere.

Menstrual Cramps – A Thermo-Pad placed on the abdomen is one way to relieve cramps.

Back Aches – Anytime a back ache occurs, at home, at work or in your car, a Thermo-Pad provides instant heat therapy.

Stiff Neck – The model 818 Thermo-Pad will cover the neck and shoulders to relax the tense muscles that can cause tension headaches.

Growing Pains – Thermo-Pads are safe enough for children to take to bed to relieve the pain of leg cramps.

Sports Injuries – For the first 48 to 72 hours, cold should be used. After that combinations of heat and cold will help speed recovery.

TMJ – A model 404 or 704 Thermo-Pad placed against the painful area can help to relieve the pain.

Other – For any ailment that is relieved by using heat, Thermo-Pad is the safest most convenient way to provide that heat, anywhere – anytime.

Hunting – A 404 for your hands or an 818 to warm your lower back, Thermo-Pad can be used anytime you feel a chill.

Camping – The model 818 is a great way to warm a cold sleeping bag before bed.

Kayaking – Anytime you risk getting wet in the outdoors, hypothermia is a factor. Thermo-Pad is the ideal way to safely warm a victim of hypothermia.

Scuba Diving – A model 808 Thermo-Pad placed on your lower back inside your wet or dry suit will keep you warm for over an hour. More information

Snowmobiling – A model 818 Thermo-Pad strapped on under your clothes can keep you warm for hours of outdoor fun.

Curling – A 404 for your hands or an 808 on your lower back will help keep you warm at the curling rink.

Other – For any activity done outdoors in the cold or near the water, Thermo-Pad will provide instant safe heat anytime – anywhere.

Canadian Coast Guard – The Coast Guard have been using a specially designed model 818 for over 10 years for the treatment of hypothermia.

Ski Patrol – To warm and comfort accident victims on the hill, many ski patrols use the model 808 Thermo-Pad for its light weight and low cost per use.

Ambulances – To treat hypothermia and shock victims, or for warming IV’s, Thermo-Pad is a low cost safe alternative to chemical hot packs.

Car Seat Warmer – For Canadian winter mornings, sit on an 808 Thermo-Pad to warm you all the way to work. Recharge at work and use it on the way home.

Spectator Sports – At hockey practices or fall football games, a preheated Thermo-Pad will last for hours.

Thaw Frozen Pipes – A Thermo-Pad will quickly thaw a frozen water pipe no matter where it is.

Science Demonstration – High school science teachers use Thermo-Pads to quickly demonstrate the “heat of crystallization”.

Baby Bottle Warmer – Thermo-Pad will safely warm your baby’s bottle, no matter where you happen to be.

Battery Warmer- Thermo-Pads have been used by professional film crews to extend effective battery life when filming in the winter.

Net Surfing – Sore wrist from surfing? A 404 Thermo-Pad makes a great “heated wrist rest”.

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