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      Welcome to Three Dog Down

WHY BUY DOWN? There is a reason why “downy” is an adjective used to illustrate fluffy, soft and weightless-ness. Genuine down is all of those things. But “soft” doesn’t even come close to a description of how our down comforters feel…like a cloud! Down bedding has the marvelous ability to breathe (passing air in and out of the cotton shell), lifting away perspiration from the person under it, so you don’t experience the ummm, “clamminess,” like you do under a synthetic fiber. After experiencing the "warmth without weight" of a good quality down comforter that was selected just for your favorite sleeping temperature, you'll never go back to that pile of blankets!

Want to know where your comforter is made? Our comforters are designed by us at Three Dog Down and manufactured either at one of America's oldest down and feather processors in Cincinnati, Ohio or right here at Three Dog Down depending on the comforter you order. Every one of our pillows is made in our factory in Polson, Montana. At Three Dog Down we select our supplies of goose down and goose and duck feathers very carefully. Ask to see our supply area in the Pillow Room while you are in the store. nbsp;
Be a smart by Fill Power.
Fill Power is the industry’s measure of how fluffy the down is. The higher the fill power, the more air it traps, and it is, after all, this trapped air that is insulating you and keeping you warm. Fill Power at Three Dog Down ranges from 550 to more than 800. Of course as the fill power number goes up, so does the price per ounce. Here is a secret…60-70% of the cost of a finished down comforter or pillow is in the down. So inside that big box store bargain comforter…there is probably poor quality down, and not as much genuine down as you really want. Hours 9 to 5 pm seven days, June 1 we go to extended hours for summer


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