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          Care of Your Down Product

We recieve so many calls and emails asking how to care for this beautiful new down blanket, pillow or comforter you have just purchased from us or have had a while and need to freshen up or fix a mishap. Well,we just like you all so much, we decided to make it easier for you and just put it on our website! We hope this will make life easier for you!

Good clean fun! We've always stocked the best stuff in the world for washing your Down Comforters,clothing, Down Wash. And we're always here to answer questions about how. 1. Take your comforter out of it's duvet cover. You are using a duvet cover on it every night, right? 2. Load into a large ( no agitator, front loading only)home washing machine or double size commercial machine. Pre-treat all stains with Down Wash. Use approximately 3 oz. of liquid Down Wash. Set the machine for gentle cycle, cold water,a 2nd rinse cycle, if available. Never, never use fabric softener or Woolite as they contain oil and will flatten your down out, as will the enzymes in detergent. 3. After washing lift the wet comforter gently so as not to rip any stitching. 4. Place in a double sized dryer on low heat. Throw in a pair of clean sneakers covered in socks to beat against the wet down clumps while drying or you will end up with a clumpy comforter or jacket. Remove every 30 minutes and place the wet areas next to the dryer's walls, tumble another 30 minutes and check again. Did you bring a good book, because this process may take several hours to get the comforter fully dry. You really don't want to put a damp comforter back into a duvet cover.

Isaac 075.jpg      · Cleaning your Down Comforter
· Cleaning your Down Pillow

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